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Dimension:height 164 cm, base Ø 39 cm, head Ø 31 cm
Description: free-standing coat stand with post consisting of three black epoxy-powder coated
tubular steel elements which are 40 mm in diameter and 1.2 mm thick.
Lower element fitted with a tapered coupling that slots into the base. Central element tapered
at the ends for easy coupling to other elements. Upper element which supports the coat stand
Black high-tech polymer head comprising four elements (arms), each with 1 round knob and 2
hooks for a total of 12 seats.
Black high-tech polymer base, with a ribbed bottom to make it even more sturdy and an integrated
drip-tray. Black high-tech polymer umbrella stand ring. The coat stand has a slot-in
structure and no tools are needed to assemble it.