HELLO Vezetői forgószék

100.600 Ft-tól

Hello vezetői forgószék

EXECUTIVE HIGH BACKREST   Solutions of absolute substantial value feature on Forsit's EXECUTIVE HIGH BACKREST chair, a unique line in terms of its particular and sophisticated H-shaped backrest.Upholstered backrest with lumbar support so it can be adapted according to your comfort needs. The chair also has height, length and depth-adjustable armrests, to satisfy all your needs and movements.In order to offer maximum comfort, its backrest movement system is based on a 5-position movement with an oscillation range of 18 degrees, and inclination from 90 to 108 degrees with three intermediary positions.Its adjustable lumbar support increases your comfort.The entire set is completed with a sliding seat and the possibility to adjust the armrests in height, width and depth.
SEMI-EXECUTIVE   Equipped with all the top features of the HELLO line, the SEMI-EXECUTIVE chair has been created to be a complete, exclusive solution for the modern professional With elegance and design, its esthetic line reflects the sophistication of the Forsit style applied to a base structure developed to guarantee comfort and functionality intended to last in time.
In metallic silver or glossy chromed, with upholstered seat and a single body holding armrests and backrest, you will please your guests and embellish your work environment with a useful and elegant feature.
Szélesség: 72 cm
Magasság: 127-137 cm
Ülőlap magasság: 43-53 cm


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