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The symposium, in the Greek time, is the privileged place where values that distinguish man are manifested. Adjusting the concept, Simposio collection, with its innate elegance, result of research of materials and essences, welcome us in an ease environment where you can easily express yourself. Simposio allows a strict interpretation of the office, without sacrificing simplicity and the representativeness of the decision making environment: a variety ranging from the simple desk to meeting rooms solutions, cabinets and bookcases, without losing the substance of the original project.
Technical features
Desktops and desktops extensions in wooden coated tambour mm.60 thick and 45° post formed edges; available also in varnished tempered glass mm.12 thick with post formed edges. 
Structures in wooden coated MDF panel legs with 45° post formed edges; available also in the metal version with varnished aluminium trapezoidal profiles. 
Pedestals ivory or black lacquered, mm.25 thick MDF structure with 45° post formed edges, lacquered frontals or wooden coated. 
Bookcases & service cabinets, ivory or black lacquered, with mm.60 thick tambour structures and post formed edges. 
Double doors, mm.19 thick and wooden coated, mm.20 laminate plated, mm.5 varnished glass, mm.20 thick aluminium frame. 
Sliding doors in varnished glass with black varnished aluminium frame.




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