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Miró collection is our answer to the need of uniqueness. Prestige, trend, style: exclusive chromatic atmosphere, to express and share. Miro is colour, full freedom to satisfy personal aspirations. Wood, glossy and matt finishes, as well as glasses, for more than 100 different shades. It’s our proposal, unique in its sector, to stimulate creativity and enhance the artist secretly kept inside each personality.
Technical features
Desktops in chipboard mm.20 thick, high resistance 10/10 plastic laminate plated in 98 colours, 45° multilayered post formed edge; available also in 3 colours varnished tempered glass mm.10 thick. 
Structures diversified in metal conic legs, inclined leg, side supporting wall and panelled. 
Pedestals and service cabinets with mm.18 thick structure, frontals and top. 
Bookcases with mm.18 thick back panel and structure, mm.25 shelves and mm.20 laminate side panels and finishing top. 
Double doors in mm.20 laminate or varnished tempered glass with mm.5 thick aluminium profile.




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