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Leader is distinguished for its sinuous shapes that underline the variety of craft made articles belonging to the collection. Wenge essences and metal structures are combining to create an avant-garde office environment, without renouncing to wood warmth.
Technical features
Desktops, extensions and peninsulas available in mm.51 wooden coated and also in mm.12 opaque tempered glass. 
Structures, columns, wooden coated, fixed to underneath frame or wooden coated legs, mm.51 thick and mm.18 thick for the modesty panel. 
Pedestals with mm.18 thick melamine structure, mm.18 thick wooden coated frontals and top. Bookcases available with mm.18 thick melamine structure and back panel, mm.25 thick shelves and mm.38 thick wooden coated top. 
Double doors mm.18 thick and wooden coated or in mm.5 tempered glass with aluminium frame.




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