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Kamos irodabútor

Kamos is part of operative office furniture range. It is available in both metal and wooden structures. The version to be used is decided according to operative and aesthetical needs. Clients approve, Kamos is the best solution to get flexibility and the best value for money.
Technical features
Desktops, terminals, linking tops, peninsulas and extensions in mm.25 thick melamine. 
Structures diversified in mm.25 thick for wooden legs, mm.18 thick for the modesty panel, available also in fixed metal version and beams. 
Pedestals available as suspended, on castors and supporting, mm.18 thick melamine structure and frontals, mm.25 thick top. Bookcases with mm.18 thick back panel and structure, mm.25 thick shelves and top. Doors, both double and sliding, in mm.18 thick melamine, available also in mm.5 thick tempered fume glass.




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