Symposium is a system of modular row 2 and 3 seater benches, with a fixedand reclining backrest, ideal for convention halls, classrooms and auditoriums. 
The robust metal structure is fnished in black or aluminium colour and the seats are in painted natural beech wood. 
On request they can also be painted with other colours, as can the writing boards, with variable thickness. symposium is also suitable for halls or amphitheatres, with sloping floor or steps.

SYMPOSIUM 8000 is a single-seater bench system designed for composition in rows. Non-scratch, thermosetting epoxy-coated metal structure, thickness 50 microns, with embossed black or, on request, embossed aluminium colour finish.

The structure consists of a pressed sheet metal foot, thickness 3 mm, oval tubular uprights 90x30x2 mm, rectangular tubular upright connection bar 80x40x3 mm and drawn sheet metal seat support, thickness 2 mm. 
The seat is fixedwith exposed metal studs and features a spring tip-up mechanism with automatic return. 

The backrest panel, made of exposed perforated sheet metal, is screw-fixed to the uprights.

The seat is available in multi-ply beech, thickness 12 mm, painted natural or, on request, in other colours. in the padded version it is provided with multi-ply beech seat inner which can be fittedwith fabric-upholstered foamed rubber anatomical padding. 

The quick flip-upfoldaway writing board can be made of ABS or black wood laminate. 
The fixedwriting board is made of non-scratch black multi-ply beech, thickness 20 mm. 

The SYMPOSIUM 8000 single-seater bench system is a flexibleversatile system which adapts to different requirements: for rooms with stepped or sloping floors,the OMP technical department can study customer requirements and produce a technical drawing to specificationsfor customised production of SYMPOSIUM 8000.