Silvano Barsacchi
Silvano Barsacchi lives and works in Pisa. From the beginning, he has always specialised in industrial design, collaborating with some of the biggest manufacturers of fitted kitchens and home and office furniture companies. For a few years, he managed the Tonelli Kitchen design studio. In collaboration with other designers, he designed furniture for Mazzei, Effetì, Ciatti, Composit and Fasem. Since 1982 he has worked for himself as a designer, planner and consultant. He deals with design, interior design, shop and showroom interiors. He designs for leading companies in the furniture sector such as Pamar, Fam, New Form and Barnini Group. In recent years he has been working for Scavolini and Mercantini Mobili, consolidating a long period of design. In the Nineties, in collaboration with the manufacturers of raw and semi-finished materials for wood processing, he set up a technical-experimental research and development centre for product industrialisation. 

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