Marco Amadeo Olmeda


 Detail and research of harmony.

Marco Amedeo Olmeda considers office-design as something that is strictly connected with two important elements: freedom and care for details. Freedom means creativity, where the aspect of the creations gives also space to their functional use. However, in order to satisfy completely the various requirements asked by the market, the planning of any model should be able to communicate what Marco Amedeo Olmeda calls “emotions”. This means that if it is true that a model can please its author and in the meanwhile be functional, it should also give harmony that combines with the life systems of the user.

Graduated in 1985 at the University of Venice and enrolled in the Order of Architects of Pesaro-Urbino, Marco Amedeo Olmeda since 1986 plies his trade towards his own practice, and specific design projects on a wide scale. Nowadays his engagements are mainly characterized by the realization of show-rooms and servicepoints for car producers such as Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, Maserati, Honda. As for the private and public sphere in general, he deals with the realization of buildings and seats used for offices and services, and works for companies such as Confcommercio, Cedis-Migliarini, Mirreria Hopf - Miesbach D., Italian Fashion, Radiant, Olivetti Synthesis, Iterby, Heron Paris. Moreover, Marco Amedeo Olmeda plans for the so called “places” of work, as for example dental clinics.

The specialization in office art-design has become a natural consequence of those collaborations, so that Marco Amedeo Olmeda also realizes well targeted models, with a particular attention to their ergonomic structure. For this purpose, he takes great care in the detail, because the created model could offer not only pleasure and functionality, but it should be a sort of home, which means a natural environment where the activity of the staff becomes something that mirrors a better life style.

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