Studio Kairos


Studio KAIROS by Abramo Mion & Giuseppe Manente: The beauty of architecture lies in the fact that it cannot be labelled.

“Being a designer is liberating…”: this is how Giuseppe Manente defines his profession. Using your talent to create something that didn’t exist before often gives you the possibility of living indescribable emotions. As a profession, it is strongly linked to the most common experiences in the life of an individual. Any moment of the day may offer inspiration. Design means artistic expression which extends beyond the limits set by habit, schedules and deadlines. Not by chance has Giuseppe Manenti always loved the sea, sailing and long walks in the Bosco del Cansiglio. A man like this would hardly choose a profession that does not count the freedom to imagine among its requisites.

Abramo Mion chose to become an architect mostly out of curiosity. Curiosity is what keeps our minds open. Curiosity is enthusiasm, that enthusiasm that each person must never abandon - a desire for trying, proving, hypothesising, exploring and dreaming. “Dreams are the source of every project”.
This is the spirit that led Mion to become a designer. As for Manente, the enthusiasm which comes from creating something from nothing, using the imagination, is both priceless and surprising. Design may therefore mean discovering something new every day; it may mean accepting a form of continuous evolution. And perhaps it is a coincidence, but Abramo Mion also has a lifestyle that expresses this concept of freedom. He loves traveling, and especially by motorcycle.

Thanks to these great creative impulses, Studio Kairos was founded in 1980, and has since then worked mainly in the field of industrial design. The Greek word “Kairos” means “right time, right place, right size” since in ancient Greece it was the word used to express the way of carrying out and planning a job; for instance, the right point for creating the home as well as waiting for the best time to start construction. Today, Studio Kairos proposes itself as a point of reference for this important and balanced combination of time and place which results in impeccable team work in the creation of its models. It is not by chance that, together with the new models, there are numerous articles with a lasting style, designed more than 15 years ago which are still a strong point in the Studio’s portfolio.

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