Angelo Pontecorboli


 Architecture as the spatial expression of artistic intuition

For Angelo Pontecorboli architecture is a polyhedral art form: “art” in as much as an artistic manifestation and “polyhedral” because it encompasses numerous interests and aspects of life.

An architect since 1975, Angelo Pontecorboli considers his profession something difficult to classify which permits him to humour his creative vein and as such, he practices it with enthusiasm. In fact, understanding architecture implies an awareness of your habitat in order to be able to interpret its signs and set them in the proper spatial dimension; understanding architecture means to also understand the enormous value of the history of our habitat, which certainly must not be seen as an anonymous and banal space. And so, it is not surprising that our designer also owns his own publishing house which publishes not only literary works, but also books on design, the art of decorating, the history of architecture and the study of its modern manifestations, photography and much, much more.

Angelo Pontecorboli is also a person who loves freehand drawing, perhaps because every artistic intuition is the fruit of the large number of sketches needed to transform an idea into something “real”. Judging from what has been stated so far, we might assume that this person was predestined to become an architect, a profession able to satisfy such an exaggerated life style. Without a doubt, the years of experience and success, both professional and personal, are proof that Angelo Pontecorboli knows how to do his job well, and certainly professionally.

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